Project Luther

week 2 & week 3

Back story:

Using information we scrape from the web, can we build linear regression models from which we can learn about the movie industry?






More information:

We'll learn about web scraping using two popular tools - BeautifulSoup and Selenium. For this, make sure you know the very basics of HTML. We'll also be evolving the way we use ipython notebooks -- during this project we'll begin to use the notebook as a development scratchpad, where we test things out through interactive scripting, but then solidify our work in python modules with reusable functions and classes.

We'll practice using linear regression. We'll have a first taste of feature selection, this time based on our intuition and some trial and error, and we'll build and refine our models.

We'll work in groups for brainstorming and design, and code sharing will be highly encouraged, but the final projects will be individual.

This project will really give you the freedom to challenge yourself, no matter your skill level. Find your boundaries, meet them, and push them a little further.

We are very excited to see what you will learn and do for Project Luther!